Swiped Louis Vuitton replica bag returned with apology to Portsmouth Shop

This $128 Louis Vuitton purse was returned to Wear House in Portsmouth after the store owner posted surveillance images of the suspected thief on Facebook.

PORTSMOUTH — When a $128 Louis Vuitton replica purse was stolen from her downtown resale shop, Wear House owner Angela Theos rapidly posted surveillance images of the blonde suspect online.

Six days later, the designer griet monogram tote bag was left at her front door, with a note of apology.

“I would’ve bet a million dollars I would never see it again,” Theos said.

The bag contained a price tag from when it was first sold for $168, said the shop owner. A local woman consigned it with Wear House, which priced it for $128 and, per agreement, the store takes a commission.

Theos said she had the fake bag displayed in a front window of the 74 Congress St. resale shop, which was busy when it was stolen. She said the bag was not easily accessible and her surveillance images show a blonde woman back up to the window and move the bag closer to the store interior. The images show the woman put it on a stool, then move to a counter and ask a clerk about prices for other replica handbags, Theos said. The customer was then filmed going back to where she’d moved the bag, leave the store and the bag was gone, Theos said.

Another clerk was walking to work when she noticed the blonde woman walking on Congress Street with the cheap Louis Vuitton, Theos said. When she got to Wear House, the clerk remarked to the other employees about how the bag must have sold because she saw it going down the street. Theos said the clerks called her and she immediately accessed surveillance images through her phone and posted screen shots of the woman on Facebook. They were also shared with police, she said.

The resale shop owner said she called the cosigner to tell her what happened and assure she would make good on payment for the replica bag. Theos said she scoured Craigslist, eBay and pawn shops in search of the swiped Louis Vuitton. She also called her insurance company to try and learn, without success, if a filed claim for the stolen purse would raise her premium.

Several people who saw her Facebook post messaged Theos to say they thought they recognized the woman in the surveillance images and those comments were also shared with police, she said.

Then, on Thursday morning, the bag was left at the Wear House front door.

Theos said she swept the sidewalk at 9:40 a.m., went back inside the shop and when she went to open for the day 10 minutes later, she saw a plastic bag “right in the doorway.” Inside was the replica Louis Vuitton bag with a note.

Addressed to “Wear House owner,” the note said the author was sorry for stealing the bag and should have returned it sooner, Theos said. The writer said she also should have done it in person, but is “very ashamed” of her actions, Theos said.

“I’m happy she had the conscience to give it back,” Theos said, while reporting that the fake bag was not damaged.

Police Sgt. Chris Kiberd said it’s “very rare” for someone to return something they stole, while expressing remorse.

“I don’t recall that ever happening,” he said. “That’s really great.”

The police investigation remains open.

The Louis Vuitton replica purse is now secured on a Wear House shelf and is available for sale.

Thieves Swipe $140 Worth of Replica Handbags from Louis Vuitton Store in Brazil


Louis Vuitton outlet debuted an expansive Cruise 2017 collection in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, earlier this week, but news out of the South American country wasn’t all positive for the French luxury brand. According to the New York Times, the Louis Vuitton handbag store in Rio’s upscale Ipanema neighborhood was robbed Tuesday morning, only two days after the attention-grabbing show.

Reports indicate the thieves made off with over $140 in replica handbags in the early morning hours; no products from other categories were mentioned. For reference, that’s about 36 of the brand’s popular City Steamer bags, which retail at $185 for the medium size is smooth leather.

Brazilian authorities did not stipulate which bags were taken, but Vuitton had released a handful of Cruise 2017 bags for general purchase immediately after the show on Saturday. The replica bags are only available online in the US, but Vanessa Friedman of the NYT speculates that local excitement and attention over the show may have influenced the robbers, and the occasion certainly could have made a timely hit more attractive.

If you see any Louis Vuitton replica bag available from Brazilian sellers with prices that seem too good to be true, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

How to spot a fake Louis Vuitton

A customer checking out the bags at a store

The pre-owned luxury market is a fast growing phenomenon in India. It fuels the aspiration of luxury seekers and the younger generation who want to own a premium and luxury product.

It’s given a wide platform for the buyers to pick and choose from more than 100 international brands at reasonable prices. Owning a fake Louis Vuitton at half the price (which was difficult as it never goes on discount) is now possible, because of this genre. However, sometimes there are hesitations before owning a pre-owned luxury product; here are a few basic factors to consider which will make your decision easier:


Never buy a product without getting a guarantee of authenticity from the company. Know how they do their authenticity checks, their guarantee against fakes, if they provide any certification, etc. If it is an online purchase, do call up their office and ensure all your queries are answered.

While buying a Louis Vuitton replica bag pay attention to the following details – the tail of the ‘L’ is very short. The ‘O’s are very round and look bigger than the ‘L’. The zipper is on the left while the counterfeit zipper is on the right.


A very important factor to consider. Buy a product whose condition is almost as good as new- with minimal scratches or stains on the metal hardware, leather and cloth of the bag, glass of the watch, soles of the shoes, etc. If there is any hardware missing, like a zip or buckle, avoid purchasing that.


Ensuring that the products get a new life when they reach you is important. Spa-bio cleans and refurbishes a product giving it a new look. This ensures that the product is hygienic and deodorised. Buyers should make sure their bag, shoes, sunglasses, etc have gone through this vital process.


It is always an advantage in the pre-owned genre. If your product is priced at around 50 per cent of the original price, it’s always a good deal. If it is more than 70 per cent, you might as well put a few more thousands and buy a new one. So, if you’re getting a Louis Vuitton replica for half the price, don’t miss it for anything. Also, you can resell the same product at around 10 per cent less.


The original dust bags, cards, boxes of the luxury company gives the product more value. Do enquire if they have the same, for your desired product. If not, what is the kind of packaging they give? Since these are luxury products, it needs to be pampered even while it is stored, with beautiful and safe packaging. Most of all, find out if they have an outlet where you can touch and feel the product. It’ll give you all the more confidence in what you’re buying and the brand. Who knew that luxury shopping would be affordable some day? So, keep shopping and own a closet you always dreamed of.